SA World - Scalable and Interoperable Infrastructure

As dedicated architects of a revolutionary Web3 gaming platform, we've crafted an infrastructure that's not only scalable to meet the growing demands but is also interoperable with other games and systems.

This ensures that as new technologies and gaming experiences emerge, Summoners Arena can seamlessly integrate with them, providing a future-proof gaming environment where innovation thrives without limitations.

We are committed to championing a universal gaming network around a single token $SAE that transcends single ecosystems and creates a unified, expansive arena for all gamers. Most importantly, we aim to be the epicenter of content creation, sustainable ecosystems, and a place for Web3 gaming to thrive.

SA World enables developers to integrate their games into the ecosystem seamlessly through our developer portal. SA World powers the integrated games by the innovative NFT-driven framework, including the Token-reserve NFT model, EP NFT model, NFT-core model, and an inflation balancing mechanism. Thus, the scalability and interoperability of SA World Infrastructure will not affect the long-term sustainability.

The contributions of community, users and developers to SA World through various activities are marked by Active Point (AP) System - a future-proof feature to enhance your standing within the whole infrastructure.

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