Elemental Particle NFT Model

The EP NFT Model concept within the SA World ecosystem defines the process of creating NFT Cores (a required component to create a Core-fused NFT) using Elementary Particles (EPs).

This model entails connecting EPs in a specific string, where the A value represents the string's length. The higher the A value, the more valuable the resulting NFT Core becomes. After going through an NFT Sequencer, these EP strings turn into NFT Cores. Notably, NFT Cores sharing the same A value can be interchangeable among Type I Games, making the EP NFT Model a dynamic framework to mint and exchange NFTs within our ecosystem.

The EP NFT Model transforms NFT creation and provides numerous benefits that improve the gaming experience and enrich the in-game economy. The analysis below will explore the various benefits that render this model highly valuable for players and investors in Web3 Gaming:

  • Interoperability: This model allows the Primary NFTs to move seamlessly between different games within the SA World ecosystem, enhancing cross-game interoperability. Players can use this feature to save time and effort when transitioning from one game to another within the same system, encouraging engagement and loyalty within the ecosystem.

  • Flexible Gaming Strategy: This paradigm allows users to alter their gameplay approach and create core-fused NFTs that differ from the original by adjusting the length of EP Strings.

  • Active User Rewards: When EPs are unlocked from the Locked to the Uncharged state for the first time, all EPs are sent to the Highest Council for distribution among Type 1 games built on SA World.

For subsequent unlocks, the Supreme Council will receive 50% of the Uncharged EPs, while the remaining 50% will be used for airdropping to active users within SA World.

  • Means of Value Store: Besides NFTs and Tokens, users can trade various states of EPs on our marketplace.

  • Enhance tokens' utilities: The SAE token also serves an additional function of locking into Uncharged EPs to form Charged EPs. This increases the utility and integration of the token within the entire ecosystem's economy.

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