No Cheating in Harvest Heist!

We're committed to maintaining a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for everyone. To combat cheating and hacking, we've implemented strict measures:

Consequences of Cheating:

Permanent ban from Harvest Heist: Upon first offense, players will be permanently banned from the game and all their resources will be confiscated. Repeat offenders will be banned from all SAW applications.

Prohibited Actions:

  • Hack/Cheat: Using third-party software to gain an unfair advantage or disrupt the game system.

  • Bug Abuse: Exploiting game loopholes for personal gain in any form.

Player Responsibilities:

  • Play fair and avoid using hacks or cheats.

  • Report suspicious activities to the game developer.

  • Refrain from distributing, promoting, or encouraging the use of hacks or cheats.

  • Never share your account details with anyone. We will not negotiate in case of account suspension due to hacking.

Together, we can create a thriving Harvest Heist community where everyone can enjoy the game without unfair advantages.

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