Game Applications

Game applications are the spine of SA World, creating a virtual environment for players to live and create value while having fun. Games help create and consume wealth in the SA World, enabling a circular economy.

There are 2 key game categories in SA World: Game Type I & Game Type II.

Type I Game

What is Type I Game?

Type I games refer to games subject to creating NFT and in-game currency in the SA World ecosystem, adhering to SA World's mechanics' framework. Type I games will receive exclusive benefits from the SA World's Board of Directors.

They are characterized by:

  • Using SA World’s ready-to-apply NFT mechanics framework.

  • A currency system: a tokenized in-game currency issued in this game, with its functions thoroughly designed and explained. This currency can be universally recognized and accepted across various applications within SA World. Monetary policies and tools need to be designed appropriately in order to generate revenue and protect users at the same time.

ASG is an example of an in-game currency.

Summoners Arena: Idle RPG


Summoners Arena: Idle RPG is the first Type I Game powered by SA World, revolutionizes the idle-RPG genre by fusing gaming with decentralized finance and NFTs. Set in an enchanting, mythical universe, Summoners Arena beckons players to dive into a story-rich environment, commanding mighty heroes and partaking in captivating quests. Its innovative "Play-Own-Earn" model transcends traditional gaming, offering players not only a thrilling experience but also the opportunity to earn valuable rewards. Available on multiple platforms and built on the BNB Smart Chain, Summoners Arena marks a pioneering step in the evolution of modern gaming, courtesy of SA World.

Type I Game Economic Model:

The most crucial aspect in SA World is the interconnected economic cycle of Games, as well as the preservation of each player's accumulated resources throughout the entire SA World. Players will be identified through SA Citizen, and the economic interconnections of Type I Games will form the social fabric of the Citizens, making SA World a truly interconnected world of gamers.

The model below illustrates the economic flow of Type I Games within the entire SA World ecosystem.

Type II Game

Type II Games encompass the remaining game genres built on SA World, distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • They do not own or mint NFT Cores.

  • These games generate revenue through sharing the SA World reward pool, in-app purchases (IAP), and advertisements.

The economic model of Type II Games is described below:

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