SA World Ambassador Rules

  1. Respect: Treat all members with respect.

  2. Reports: Submit monthly reports.

  3. Work Distribution: Avoid spam and distribute tasks appropriately.

  4. Bonus Points Documentation: Provide clear evidence for bonus points earned from games or events.

  5. Abuse Prevention: Points will be canceled for unfair work, and alternate accounts are not allowed.

  6. Warnings: 2 warnings result in expulsion.

  7. Duplicating Work: Indicate if you’re posting the same content on different platforms; the original post receives full points, while duplicates receive half points.

  8. Art and Video: Art and video content count only once, regardless of platform repetition.

  9. Referrals: Attach screenshots of referral messages.

  10. Content Posting: Content must be shared on social media, preferably Twitter.

This system ensures fairness and efficiency in point distribution while upholding the program’s integrity.

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