Entropy and Active Point (AP)


Entropy is a quantity designed to measure the activity level of all actors in SA World. Entropy is emitted on a per-action basis, meaning that every action performed in SA World will generate entropy based on a predefined benchmark.

This benchmark is monitored under the jurisdiction of The Development Council and is subject to change at their discretion. The process of calculating and attributing Entropy to different actors in SA World will be done by the Entropy Calculator System (ECS).

Entropy is an ever-increasing quantity and the growth rate of entropy can be used to interpret the activity level of SA World.

Active Points

Active Point (or AP) is one of the most essential resources in SA World which is integrated in Entropy. AP exists to reward players and other participating entities in SA World for their contribution to building and interacting with SA World.

AP will be distributed to eligible participants in SA World periodically based on their entropy contribution within that specific period. Eligible participants include Citizens, Guilds, and Applications. For Guilds and Applications, AP rewards can be redistributed to participating Citizens based on predefined rules.

AP can not be transferred among Citizens by any means.

The proposed use cases for AP are as follows:

  • Upgrading Citizen level

  • Survival Tax

  • Voting power

  • EP distribution eligibility

  • Exchange gifts, in-game items, and vouchers in the reward center - Evi Store

  • Receive revenue sharing from the reward pool

  • Other benefits and privileges

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