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On desktop:

On mobile:

IOS: Select Extension (the bold button below) > Add to Home Screen

Android: Select Three dots (the bold button below) > Add to Home screen

Steps to participate in Harvest Heist

Step 1: Download the Sasa extension to your device Step 2: Access https://x.com and log into your X account in the Sasa Extension Step 3: Select the Harvest Heist game icon on the main interface Step 4: Use ASG to exchange for GEM packs and use GEM to purchase useful items in the game such as Seeds, Water,... Step 5: Go to Bag to use the purchased items Step 6: Plant crops, water them and protect the harvest from thieves to collect as much SAE and ASG as possible.

Tips for newbies
  1. Daily Quests: Make it a habit to visit the garden every day and complete as many quests as possible. This is your ticket to earning rewards effortlessly. Think of it as collecting free goodies daily.

  2. Sasa's Bag: When you first access the extension, don't forget to peek into Sasa's Bag. You might find some initial resources there to enhance your activities. It's like a welcome gift to kickstart your journey.

  3. Spin Zone: In Harvest Heist, access the Spin Zone. Here, you'll receive free spins daily, offering rich resources like Gems, Shields, and Energy to nurture your crops. It's like having your own daily jackpot.

  4. Harvest Heist's Bag: All your belongings are stored here. As a newbie, you'll receive some free drops including main assets and sub-assets, enough to take your first steps confidently. We believe in letting you explore freely without any pressure to spend.

So, dive in without any worries!

How to get ASG in Sasa Extension?

ASG in Sasa Extension is Injective-based.

If you are new and want more ASG:


  • Step 1: Access Sasa Extension and create Sasa Wallet.

  • Step 2: Buy INJ on DEX/CEX. For example, DEX: https://mito.fi/swap/ or CEX: Binance, Coinbase, Okx, Bybit,...

  • Step 3: Transfer Injective network INJ from DEX/CEX exchange to Sasa Wallet, then swap INJ to ASG according to the desired amount in Sasa Wallet,

  • Step 4: In the Homepage of Sasa Extension, click on the "Transfer" button under the ASG icon, then deposit ASG from Sasa Wallet to Sasa Account. Finished!


  • Complete daily social quests to earn GOLD.

  • Use GOLD to buy Lucky boxes to open ASG and AP. Here is a rich source of ASG for hardworking farmers.

If you already own ASG on SA Account:

  • Step 1: At Sasa Extension >> Quest >> Binding Quests

  • Step 2: Enter the Citizen code of the SA Account you want to bind

  • Step 3: At SA Account, select "Connect Wallet" to connect to the Metamask wallet that owns ASG (BEP-20)

  • Step 4: Select "Deposit" to deposit ASG from Metamask wallet (BEP-20) to SA Account (if ASG is available in the wallet)

  • Step 5: Select "Transfer to game" >> Enter the amount of ASG you want to transfer >> Select Sasa Extension in the "Select game" section >> "Transfer" to complete the transfer of ASG to Sasa Account.

Privileges of SA World VIPPass holders

SAWorld VIPPass holders will be eligible for a special present. However, you must bind your Sasa account first.

Note: The gift is based on account, not the number of VIP Passes.

Trade SAWorld VIPPass on Opensea.

How to get rewards in Sasa?

Players can earn rewards through opening Lucky Box or plant trees in Sasa extension. To be specific:

  • Lucky box:

  • How to obtain: Purchase with Gold in Sasa Store

  • Rewards from Lucky Box include: ASG, AP, Gold.

How long does a season last?

Each season lasts for 7 days.

Players can claim the seasonal rewards within 3 days after the season end.

Unclaimed rewards will be added to the next season's rewards.

What is GEM?

GEM is the main currency in Harvest Heist.

  • Gems are purchasable in Sasa store with Gold. You can obtain Gold through completing quests, Lucky Box, Gold Bag or Referral.

  • You can also purchase Gems with ASG. Go to question for more details."

How does the referral work?

Each account is allocated 10 codes weekly, with each code inviting one friend to join.

For every invited friend who completes 3 newbie quests, players will receive 1 Golden bag.

Invite as many friends as possible!

How to import Sasa Wallet to Keplr?

Step 1: Create a password for your Sasa Wallet.

Step 2: Choose one of the two options:

  • "Create a new wallet": To create a new wallet.

  • "Import an existing Wallet" >> Enter "12-word phrase" or "Private key" to import an existing wallet into Sasa Wallet.

Step 3: Go to "Settings" >> Export Wallet.

Step 4: Enter the password.

Step 5: Copy the private key of your Sasa Wallet.

Step 6: Access your Kelpr wallet.

Step 7: Choose "Add Account" >> "Import Account" >> Enter the copied key >> "Import" to complete the linking of Sasa Wallet with the existing wallet.

Where to trade $ASG and $SAE on Injective?

For ASG:



Sasa Wallet.

For SAE:

The token hasn't been listed yet.

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