What is a Guild?

A guild is a collective of players who want to collaborate, forming a supportive community to guide each other during gameplay.

Guilds are established and operated by guild owners. Upon establishment, the guild owner can set rules that guild members must adhere to, such as sharing a certain percentage of earned AP with the guild owner. In return, the guild owner takes the responsibility of guiding the community and representing its voice through the delegated voting mechanism for the guild owner. The mechanism allows the creation of guilds and delegation of voting authority to guild owners, aiming to enable individuals who are not app developers or part of the SA World administration to leverage the collective power to have a voice in the community. This fosters a more equitable world for everyone involved.

Players can create and manage Guilds within SA World using the Guild Maker. A Guild can either operate as a traditional organization with an established leadership hierarchy or as a DAO. To create a guild, the creators will have to agree to lock SAE into the system. The required amount of SAE will be determined according to the initial parameters of the Guild creation.

Rights and responsibilities of Guild

Guilds hold a prominent position in SA World as recognized entities, distinguished by their unique Guild ID. They have their own set of rights and responsibilities within SA World. These rights and responsibilities are collectively exercised by the members of each Guild, by the operational guidelines established by that specific Guild.

Each Guild, upon operating in SA World, is subject to:

  • Receiving AP accordingly

  • Privileges from AP holdings

  • Operational tax payable in AP

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