Bridging Primary NFTs between games

Only Primary NFTs (P-NFTs) have the right to move between Type I Games. There are two principles when transferring Primary NFTs from Type I Game A to Type I Game B:

  • Principle 1: The initial issuance of P-NFTs for each Game has a specific limit.

  • Principle 2: Each Game, when active, has a quota of P-NFTs allowed to exist (referred to as Nmax). When the number of P-NFTs exceeds Nmax, the issuer cannot mint additional P-NFTs or receive P-NFTs from other Games.

When bridging a P-NFT from one Type I game to another, the process is as follows:

  • The NFT Sequencer will check whether the NC in the destination game allows for new Primary NFTs to be created

  • If yes, the NFT Sequencer will calculate the cost needed to bridge the input Primary NFT to the destination game based on the following parameters.

  • Core Length (A) difference

  • Primary NFT Decay status

  • In-game creation fees of the destination game

  • Fees paid to move an Primary NFT out of the current game

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