Program Overview

1. What is the SAilor World Ambassador Program?

The SAilor World Ambassador Program is a dynamic initiative designed to empower passionate individuals to become key representatives and advocates for the SA World community. As an ambassador, you will play a crucial role in promoting our platform, engaging with the community, and driving the growth of SA World.

Description and Purpose of the Program

The purpose of the SAilor World Ambassador Program is to build a robust network of dedicated enthusiasts who are committed to advancing the SA World mission. Through this program, we aim to:

Promote Awareness

Spread the word about SA World and its innovative gaming ecosystem across various platforms and communities.

Engage the Community

Foster a vibrant, active community by interacting with members, answering questions, and providing support.

Drive Growth

Help increase the user base and adoption of SA World by sharing information, hosting events, and creating content.

Support Development

Assist developers by providing feedback, promoting new game launches, and helping integrate new games into the SA World ecosystem.

Goals and Benefits for Ambassadors

As an ambassador, you will not only contribute to the success of SA World but also enjoy numerous benefits, including:

Rewards and Incentives

Earn rewards through our monthly rewards pool, referral programs, and other exclusive incentives based on your contributions and engagement.

Exclusive Access

Gain early access to new features, updates, and events within the SA World ecosystem.

Professional Growth

Enhance your skills and experience by participating in a cutting-edge Web3 gaming platform, networking with industry professionals, and potentially advancing to higher ambassador ranks.

The SAilor World Ambassador Program is a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of the Web3 gaming revolution. By joining us, you will help shape the future of gaming, build a strong and inclusive community, and create lasting impacts in the digital world.

2. SAilor World Ambassador Ranks and Roles

SAilor - Entry Level


Entry Level that you obtain once you become a Real active member on discord , telegram and x twitter Shiller. SAilors are allowed to complete the form to request the SAilor Lord Role.


SAilors are expected to actively engage with the community, promote the project on social media platforms, and contribute to the growth of SA World.


SAilor can advance to the SAilor Lord role by completing the form to request promotion.

SAilor Lord - Official Ambassador


SAilor Lord is an official ambassador of the project, granted access to the monthly reward pool and a customized referral link to earn a portion of referral fees.


SAilor Lords play a key role in promoting the project, disseminating information on social media, accessing monthly rewards, and submitting monthly activity reports to track their contributions.


SAilor Lords can maintain their status by actively contributing to the community and get access to Special Roles.

SAilor Master - Top Ambassador


SAilor Master is the highest rank available within the SA World Ambassador Program, reserved for Ambassador Leaders who oversee the program and the SA World Team.


SAilor Masters are responsible for educating ambassadors, providing comprehensive information about the program and the project, monitoring the work of ambassadors, and reviewing their monthly activities.

Special Roles:

SAilor Elite

SAilor Elite is granted to early adopters and supporters of the project who maintain their status as active contributors. They also receive the SAilor Lord role.

SAilor Captain

SAilor Captain is a regional Community Moderator status, also receiving rewards for their contributions to community management.

Good Intentions for All Ranks:

As KOL Ambassadors, we're committed to working together towards the success of the SA World Project. Let's prioritize kindness, support, and inclusivity, fostering a welcoming community where everyone can thrive. Let's Go SAilors and Let's make the SA World accessible to everyone!

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