Getting Started

Nurture your crops, level it up, protect your assets from Ninja and battle out for:

  • A bountiful stash of 6 million SAE tokens.

  • A whopping 70% share of Harvest Heist revenue.

  • Unlock exclusive rewards like Whitelist access and exclusive NFTs from our partners.

Getting Started:

1. Download the Chrome Extension.

2. Log in with your X account and enter the referral code. The first code batch will be posted on our X, Discord, and partner platforms. Be sure to keep an eye out!

3. You're now ready to play.

In this upgrade, we're keeping the original Social Quests, providing participants with more chances to gather resources that support $SAE farming.

Plus, we're introducing the Harvest Heist game to Sasa Extension, our central farm where you can cultivate your crops for $SAE and other valuable assets.

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