SA World’s Value Proposition

  • Share revenue based on the AP point system in the Web3 environment: SA World introduces a unique business model where every member can contribute and share profits. Users can accumulate AP points based on their contributions and use AP to exchange valuable items, purchase discounted items at Evi Store or share revenue in SA World. This creates a collaborative and fair economic system, maximizing the benefits of both players and developers.

  • Full-stack support for game studios: SA World provides plug-and-build infrastructure, open SDK systems, and pre-built mechanisms for managing sustainable Web3 economic systems for game studios. This helps them easily deploy games on the blockchain platform without facing technical or managerial barriers.

  • Strong Web3 gaming community: SA World is not just a gaming platform but also a powerful community where gamers can experience diversity in game genres and compelling game narratives, while benefiting from economic opportunities.

  • User-friendly interface: SA World eliminates technical barriers such as wallet addresses and seed phrases, making the blockchain experience easier and more convenient for all users.

This SA World value proposition focuses on creating a gaming ecosystem where everyone can participate, contribute, and benefit fairly and efficiently.

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