NFT Core

What is NFT Core?

NFT Core is a required component needed to create a Core-fused NFT.

NFT Cores with the same N value are interchangeable.

How to create an NFT Core

NFT Core can be created by connecting EPs with one another, creating a string of EPs. The length of this string is denoted as A. The more valuable a Core-fused NFT is, the higher the A value is required for its Core.

Each connected EP requires a fee of 0.01 SAE (This fee may be adjusted in the future).

For example:

  • Let the number of EP contained in the NFT Core be denoted as A.

  • Therefore, if a user wants to create an NFT Core by connecting A individual EPs, the total cost to create this NFT Core is calculated as follows:

SAE tax = (A-1) * 0.01 SAE

All fees collected will be allocated to the treasury to support the development and maintenance of the system.

NFT Core’s price calculation


  • The number of SAEs locked into 1 EP for charging is: 0.1 SAE

  • The cost of fusing NFT cores or parsing NFT cores (N>=2) into two parts is: 0.01 SAE

The parameters of an NFT Core are as follows:

  • The number of EPs in one NFT Core is called: N

  • Price (EP) = The market price of one Uncharged EP.

We can use the above data to calculate the Price (NFT Core):

Price(NFT core) = A*Price(EP) + A* 0.1 SAE + (A-1)*0.01 SAE

Fusing & Parsing Cores

Fusing and Parsing NFT Cores is the process of creating new NFT Cores from available NFT Cores.

NFT Cores can go through a fusion process to create a new NFT Core with a higher N value. Vice versa, NFT Cores with N >= 2 can go through a parsing process to create several new NFT Cores with smaller N values.

This process requires SAE as a fee.


Fusion is the process of creating a new NFT Core with a higher N value.

When fusing several Cores, new connections are established between the residing EPs and this process of creating new connections requires SAE to be used as energy.

In the case of combining A blocks of NFT-Core to form a new NFT Core with a larger value, the total amount of SAE to be paid is calculated by the following formula:

SAE tax = (A-1) * 0.01 SAE

For example, the cost of combining 3 NFT Cores is calculated as:

SAEtax = (3-1)* 0.01SAE=0.02SAE


Parsing creates new NFT Cores with a smaller N value than old NFT Cores with N>=2.

Similarly, when splitting a Core, each time a block of NFT-Core is split into A smaller blocks of NFT Core, a fee of 1 SAE needs to be paid: SAEtax = (A-1)*0.01SAE

The initial fee of 0.01 SAE can be adjusted based on demand and market prices at the actual time.

In addition, the owner of the NFT Core can also completely decompose the NFT Core to withdraw the initially staked SAE locked in the EP. After completing the entire decomposition process, the EP will return to its initial state - Locked EP, and the number of Locked EPs will be transferred to the treasury of SA World.

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