Who are SA Citizens?

SA Citizen is the digital avatar of a player and is also considered as the digital representation of a player within SA World. Citizen ID represents SA Citizen. It embodies the essence of their presence and facilitates all interactions between players and the virtual environment of SA World.

Through SA Citizen, players can immerse themselves in playing exciting games, form and manage guilds, effectively exercise their rights, and fulfill their responsibilities within SA World.

Basic Citizen Information

  • Identity: Citizen profiles, including assets and gaming progress, are designed to be transferable. In other words, players can fully transfer their ownership of a Citizen account (and everything that comes with it) to another player.

  • Status: The survival status of an SA Citizen indicates their current activity level within the SA World. There are two types of survival status: Active and Hibernated.

  • Activity Log: Active citizens can fully exercise their rights and responsibilities within SA World. On the other hand, hibernated citizens have certain rights and responsibilities temporarily disabled.

For instance, while hibernated citizens can still engage with SA World and generate entropy, they are ineligible to receive AP. However, hibernated citizens are exempt from submitting survival tax monthly—the imposition and regulation of survival tax lie within the jurisdiction of the SA World Highest Council. SA citizens are required to submit this tax monthly. The specific amount of the survival tax is determined based on the level of each citizen. Level 1 citizens are currently exempt from this tax.

Changing a citizen’s survival status from active to hibernated or vice versa will incur a fee payable in SAE. The first status change will be exempt from this fee.

  • Asset: It is a collection of assets owned by a citizen. When a user sells a citizen to another person, the entire asset collection goes with the citizen and becomes the property of the new owner.

  • Level: When first entering SA World, every citizen starts at level 1, known as "Bronze". As players progress through SA World, they can use AP to upgrade their Citizens to level 5, Platinum.

The level progressions are as follows:

  • Level 1: Bronze

  • Level 2: Silver

  • Level 3: Gold

  • Level 4: Titan

  • Level 5: Platinum

Upon upgrading their levels, SA Citizens will gain access to new privileges, such as increased AP income or the right to join prestigious organizations within SA World, and new responsibilities, such as increased survival tax or the obligation to vote.

  • Right to use SA World's public services.

  • Right to participate in voting.

  • Right to assume roles within SA World.

  • Right to delegate voting authority to other citizens

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