SA Assistant (SAAS)

  • Role of this application: This application serves as the gateway for players to enter SA World, functioning as a wallet for storing players' assets. Additionally, it incorporates features to establish communication channels among players (similar to a messaging app), manage transaction activities, or delegate tasks within SA World. Given these roles, the application is developed as an intelligent assistant that accompanies players during their gaming experience in SA World. SA Assistant is not a mandatory tool; game developers have the flexibility to either utilize it or develop an alternative management tool.

  • Survival goal of this application: The aim is to assist players in accessing and managing their assets, as well as staying informed about ongoing events within SA World in a simple and user-friendly manner, ensuring information security and the smooth functioning of activities within SA World.

  • Revenue sources for this application: There will be both a free version and a premium version. The fees generated from the premium version will contribute to the treasury of SA World and subsequently be allocated throughout the ecosystem according to the plan devised by the Supreme Council of SA World.

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