Ads Distributor

  • Role of the application: The purpose of this application is to meet the growing marketing needs directed towards Citizens within SA World, which will increase as the number of active Citizens in the network grows. With this app, marketers can execute advertising campaigns targeting Citizens through existing channels within SA World (games, apps, etc.). Marketers need to use SAE (SA World's native token) to carry out these marketing campaigns, and revenue from marketing activities will be allocated according to the specified distribution for users who view ads, the Ads Distributor app, and the remaining portion for the SA World treasury.

  • Survival goal of the application: This application aims to create a connection between real-world needs and SA World (marketing real-world products to SA World users). This fosters stability and maintains a consistent financial flow between SA World and the Web2 world. The app will be developed to establish user databases based on Citizen activities, facilitating effective and targeted advertising campaigns. Furthermore, ad revenue distribution will ensure fairness and sustainability across the SA World system, destination apps, and users, ensuring an equitable and sustainable model. The intelligent development of this app, alongside SA World's large user base, will ensure a stable demand for SAE and promote its circulation throughout the entire ecosystem.

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