Elementary Particles (EP)

Elementary Particles (or EP) are the basic units of matter in SA World. At inception, 2^30 EPs are created and there will be only 2^30 EPs ever existing in SA World.

EPs can exist in 4 different states in SA World. These states are Locked, Uncharged, Charged, and Active.

Locked EPs

  • At inception, all the EPs created in SA World exist in their Locked state. No parties have access to these locked EPs, and they can only be unlocked by the system when particular requirements regarding the state of SA World are satisfied.

  • Once unlocked, Locked EPs become Uncharged EPs.

Uncharged EPs

  • Uncharged EPs are EPs freshly unlocked by the system from their initial Locked State.

  • Initially, after being unlocked, Uncharged EPs belong to the system. The system will then distribute these Uncharged EPs to different entities in SA World through various means.

  • Uncharged EPs have no SAE locked inside of them. When charged with SAE, Uncharged EPs change their statement to Charged, which can be used to create NFT Cores.

  • Uncharged EPs can be obtained by unlocking Locked EPs or discharging Charged EPs.

Charged EPs

  • Charged EPs can be created by charging Uncharged EPs with SAE.

  • Charged EPs can be used to create NFT Cores.

  • One charged EP has 0.1 SAE locked inside during the charging process.

  • SAE is separated from these EPs when discharged, and their state will be reverted to Uncharged.

Active EPs

  • Active EPs are EPs currently attached to an NFT Core.

  • Active EPs are charged with SAE, meaning there are 0.1 SAE locked inside each.

  • When users wholly parse an NFT Core, they can choose one of the options: Users can receive Charged EPs and Users can receive Staked SAE and return Locked EP to the system.

Charge & Uncharge EPs

  • When charging one Uncharged EP, 0.1 SAE is required to be locked inside that EP as a reserve.

  • When discharging one Charged EP, the amount of 0.1 SAE locked inside that EP will be returned to the player.

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