Harvest Heist

You're in the Central Farm.

Cultivate your crops to battle it out for a prize pool of 6M $SAE and 70% of project revenue.

Getting Started

Click on Harvest Heist icon in Homepage

Ensure you have ample resources, particularly GEM (currency of Harvest Heist), by utilizing three methods:

  1. Earn GOLD to redeem GEM in Social Quests.

  2. Use Spin in Harvest Heist (1 spin per 3 minutes).

  3. Exchange ASG for GEM at a 1:1 ratio.

Nurture your crops

1. Plant your favorite seeds after purchasing them with GEM.

2. Level up your crops and expedite growth by purchasing additional resources like water and shields in ASG or obtaining them through the Spin.

3. Harvest resources from your garden and store them until ripe.

4. Unlock ripe fruits for rewards such as SAE, ASG, and more.

Important Notes:

- The water tank holds a maximum of 20 drops, purchasable with GEM or obtained through the Spin.

- One water drop is replenished every 5 minutes, up to a maximum of 20.

- Each tree yields 3 fruits. Fruits can be opened for rewards starting from the end of each season. Users will have 3 days to open fruits to claim rewards. Unclaimed rewards will be added to the rewards for the next season.

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